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Company Profile

Fins Gourmands specialize in single servings, the best solution on the market for minimizing restaurant leftovers. Practical and easy to serve, Fins Gourmands individual pastries are sure to please the most fastidious diners who prefer a light and subtle delicacy rather than a heavy dessert to end a meal.

Fins Gourmands products are made exclusively with top quality ingredients: 35% cream, eggs, vanilla sticks and real fruit. There are no substitutes.

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Our Quality Standards

Fins Gourmands have devised a quality control program at various stages of production, providing a high standard of quality and cleanliness.

All handling procedures and products used are analyzed and monitored on a regular basis to ensure that ours is the highest quality product complying with the strictest standards.

Staff members are carefully trained in the use of the best production methods in order to provide you with an impeccable product.

Our methods and recipes are standardized to ensure product uniformity at affordable prices.


Fins Gourmands began operations in 1997 in 2500-square-foot premises. Success came quickly through the immediate acceptance of our individual pastries.

In 2000, Fins Gourmands set up shop in new 5000-square-foot premises specially adapted for food production and equipped with materials and equipment respecting the strictest food safety standards. This led to a tripling of production and storage capacity.

Fins Gourmands products are constantly winning over new gourmets who savour our delicate and delicious individual pastries, so much so that once again, in 2003, more storage capacity was required.

At the end of 2005, the company again embarked on an expansion program, adding 2000 square feet of facilities for production, storage and refrigeration. Currently, daily production totals 15,000 portions.

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